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Welcome to the brand new Massive Lion Designs… Again!

Ok… The last 2 months have been dedicated to the total renovation of the Electric Den Live Sound Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio in Midtown Manhattan. As of May 9th theElectric Den is open for business and there 4 projects going already. That does not mean that brand new cutting edge graphics and projects from Massive Lion Design Talent team have not been piling up in my inbox. We got Album Covers to Event Posters, Skylines to painted pavement, historically significant architecture to massive cutting edge buildings popping up all over this great city, videos, limited edition prints, paintings, and posters, PLUS, Free backgrounds, textures, buttons and much much more content or your website.

So head on over to Massive Lion NYC Designs and get on the mailing list. Every new member of the MLNYCDesign gets their pick of a free gift from the special secret section of the blog. And I gots the goods…

On that note I leave you with some brand new stuff from the design team in the next post!





Winter Postcards from Vermont! Download and Enjoy!

Three more designs on the way… make sure to bookmark this blog and check back daily!

Welcome to the brand new look of Massive Lion Designs!

Hopefully you are seeing my images loud and large. This is the brand new WordPress design called “Retro-fitted”. I have tried a lot of different designs the past few month and none of them displayed the images the way I wanted… until now. So in honor of the new design, the unpaid, underage interns have come up with a beautifully yellow new background called “The Blue Sunrise”. So if you like the color yellow, you are in luck!

If you like yellow... well... This is yellow. Enjoy!

As I was walking by one of my favorite new buildings…

… I see a beautiful reflection off the glass. So I look up, snap the shot, and the lightning strikes twice! Check it 😉

And of course… if you are not familiar with my New York City 2011 Limited Edition Series on the brand new building at the end of Madison Ave called, One Madison Park, you can check it out HERE



From The Studio Special Print: “Western Window Woodblock”

Depending on what you may have ingested that day, this is what you might see if you happened to gaze out of the western window of the control room of Massive Lion Studios. It might seem like this photo was taken on LSD but it actually print a triple tone woodblock stamp design. I am currently designing this and many other woodblock carvings for this years “The Greater New York City‘s 1st Annual Woodblock carving and Chili Cookoff”. I hate chili… but love carving wood.

Good luck to everyone competing this year!

Midtown Quick Sketch In Two Colors

Downtown New York City by Randi Benum circa November 1977